We use a standard 13oz banner. Issued with hemming and grommets every two feet unless specified otherwise. Good for indoor and outdoor applications. Note: we can only print up to 51" in height by 1,320" in length. Anything bigger than 51" will be seamed for an extra charge of +0.50 per square foot.

Bubble free (standard print vinyl)

We use 3m brand material 3.2 mil film with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive gray backside. This is a multi-use print vinyl well suited for outdoor and indoor applications such as windows, walls and most sign-grade aluminum, wood and pvc substrates. This is a non translucent vinyl.

White Translucent

A white translucent film is designed for backlit applications. We use the maximum density of ink possible to ensure strong vibrant colors once the image is lit up.

Car Wrap

Car wrap material is a stretchable vinyl that will stretch and retract conforming to the body of a vehicle. This is a specialty vinyl and is therefore a little more expensie than regular vinyl.

Perforated Vinyl

Perforated graphics are ideally used for exterior mounted window advertisements or in store/building windows. We use a 60/40 perforated film which means there is a 40% open area for optimal two way viewing.

Polyester Film

Polyester film is commonly used for menu signs. It is a 6 mil film. It is translucent and non-adhesive. It goes in between 2 clear plastics and it can be easily swapped in and out due to the fact that it has no adhesive.


Great way to advertise, easy to remove and easy to put back on your vehicle. We use a .030” inch thick magnetic. Your custom design will be printed on vinyl and applied on the magnet.


Laminates come in gloss, matte and opti-clear. Matte is commonly used for indoor applications while gloss laminates are used for outdoor applications. Opti-clear is only used for perforated graphics and car wraps.